The Weiler Engineering Corporation is the Prime Consultant to the City for its $100,000,000 wastewater and stormwater expansion project. The project consists of approximately 56 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 7 regional wastewater treatment facilities, and citywide stormwater design. The scope of the project includes preparation of facilities plans, surveying, geotechnical, design, bidding and advertising, and construction contract administration.

WEC also provides ongoing services to the City regarding numerous roadway, sidewalk, drainage, recreational facilities and other Civil Projects throughout the City. Projects of note include: The Marina expansion; Coco Plum Beach Improvements; Avenue K Design; 33rd Street Boat Ramp; LAP engineer; Sombrero Beach Parking Design; and FKRAD representation. WEC has assisted the City in gaining their Local Area Participation (LAP) certification within the FDOT and is the Engineer of Record for all their LAP projects.