Weiler Engineering Corporation is the Prime Consultant to the City of Marathon to provide complete design and permitting services for its $100,000,000 wastewater and stormwater expansion project.

The project included engineering design and permitting and services during construction to install more than 56 miles of vacuum, gravity and low pressure sewage collection lines and six wastewater treatment facilities.

Weiler Engineering project picture

By utilizing an ”out of the box” approach and looking at the City’s natural geographic areas, WEC was able to design a system that utilized a number of sub-areas rather than one large system servicing the entire island as had been previously proposed.

The complete redesign saved the City nearly $80,000,000 from the original bids and gave the ability to meet the State mandated requirements to provide a centralized sewer system by 2010.

In addition, WEC proposed to integrate a new stormwater management and treatment system into the design and construction of the wastewater system, saving the City an additional $80,000,000 and satisfying even more of the State mandated water quality requirements. WEC is also responsible to the City to assist to provide operation and maintenance assistance including evaluation of alternative technologies, cost-benefit analyses, staffing plan for operation, maintenance and administration, annual operation and capital improvement budget preparation, interviews and evaluation of prospective employees and other assistance as needed.

WEC will also assist in the preparation of District policies and procedures, wastewater rates, system development charge methodology, standard construction details and technical specifications and other items needed for day to day functioning of a wastewater utility.

WEC prepared the Wastewater Utility Master Plan for the KLWTD service area; including a phased $100,000,000 Capital Projects plan and annual Operation and Maintenance budgets. The plan was approved by FDEP for participation in the State Revolving Fund loan program.